• About Us

    Since opening our doors in 2015, Lahara has been committed to creating a safe space that offers yoga for EVERY BODY. We help people thrive by meeting them exactly where they are. Lahara has been a place of recovery not only for the students, but also for the owner. Alesia (owner/director), discovered the studio as student shortly after a serious concussion. The Yin Yoga & Craniosacral Therapy workshops helped her to heal, and thrive while dealing with the injury. As a teenager, Alesia was diagnosed with a heart condition that made her feel useless and anxious in her own body, and found yoga when she wasn't physically or mentally capable of anything else. She watched a parent go through 3 artificial joint replacements, and witnessed a similar sentiment of uselessness and frustration. Her mission then became to help those with physical and mental challenges to feel empowered in their bodies again through yoga, meditation, and the tools she's learned throughout her own journey. Offering classes, courses, and workshops that promote wellness for everyone and EVERY BODY, Lahara is more than a yoga studio, we're like finally coming home.