• Soul Yoga

    Taught by Navjeet Mackie

    Soul Yoga combines the opening aspects of hatha and kundalini yoga with deep emotional processing. We will use breath, prayer, stories, and yoga to work our way through the layers of unhealed emotion that exists within our soul. Our society and culture often encourages us to supress or repress emotions leading to a lot of pain both emotionally and physically. By releasing these emotions we can heal past traumas that we are holding on to. This emotional healing process brings us closer to our true selves which leads to a much happier and peaceful existence. Yoga, prayer, writing and stories will help us to open up and release. Each class will be unique. Please join at any time.

    Lengthen & Strengthen

    Taught by Jill Delaney

    Build strength and flexibility as you pace your own practice with with focus on breath and alignment. Class will combine sun salutations, and workshop-style approach to postures, for safety and modifications.

    Dynamic Hatha

    Taught by Jill Delaney

    A Dynamic Hatha Yoga class of poses and movements meant to be both challenging and relaxing. Focus on alignment and breath.