• Hatha Flow

    Breathe, Strengthen, Flow

    This slower practice emphasizes a balance of postural alignment and breathing techniques to stretch and strengthen your body. Great for athletes, injury recovery, stress relief and all levels yoga.

    Morning Power

    Start your day right - 7am-8am

    A dynamic hatha flow with challenging poses meant to warm up the body, open energy centers and prepare you for the day!

    Soul Yoga

    Taught by Navjeet Mackie

    Soul Yoga combines the opening aspects of hatha and kundalini yoga with deep emotional processing. We will use breath, prayer, stories, and yoga to work our way through the layers of unhealed emotion that exists within our soul. Our society and culture often encourages us to supress or repress emotions leading to a lot of pain both emotionally and physically. By releasing these emotions we can heal past traumas that we are holding on to. This emotional healing process brings us closer to our true selves which leads to a much happier and peaceful existence. Yoga, prayer, writing and stories will help us to open up and release. Each class will be unique. Please join at any time.

    Vin Yin Flow

    Breathe, Flow, Release. Evenings 7-8pm

    In Vinyasa yoga we flow with our breath allowing postures to thread together into a sequence of breath led movement. Yin offers a sweet, relaxing stretch focused on lengthening muscles, and allowing ligaments and tendons to release. In Vin Yin Flow Yoga we marry the two to offer 30 mins of movement to focus on improving strength, flexibility, balance and fitness (Vinyasa) followed by 30 mins of deeper stretches and relaxation (Yin)… The perfect combination for the end of any busy day.

    Karma Yoga

    Every Sunday, 9am, Pay what you can.

    Karma Yoga, rotating teachers. Come for an hour class, pay what you can.

    TGIF Flow

    Celebrate Friday!

    An energetic class with some juicy stretches and heart openers. Vinyasa Yoga classes are a dynamic sequence of postures that synchronize your breath with movement in order to build strength, balance, and flexibility. Start your weekend right!

    Lengthen & Strengthen

    Taught by Jill Delaney

    A Dynamic Hatha Yoga class of poses and movements meant to be both challenging and relaxing. Focus on alignment and breath.

    Beginner Yog-Evolve

    Taught by Carol Fellowes

    Beginner Yog-Evolve! 

    For those with no to little existing yoga practice.

    Safely learn how to intelligently move your body the way it was designed!

    Intermediate Yog-Evolve!

    Taught by Carol Fellowes

    Intermediate Yog-Evolve!

    For those with an existing yoga practice. Looking for a ‘power flow’ type of class? This is NOT it! These classes are very workshoppy, moving parts of you that may have been ‘sleepy’ for a while. There will be lots of joint prep, footwork, off-the-mat movement and the occasional, familiar ‘yoga pose’.

    5 Day WINTER Yoga Intensive

    Taught by Carol Fellowes

    5 Day WINTER Yoga Intensive
    5 Mornings in a row for 90mins, at the end of the year!
    Wed-Sun, Dec 27-31 – 9-10:30am
    This will be an ALL-LEVELS class (anyone with any experience with yoga).
    An excellent way to give gratitude to 2017 and set some intentions for 2018.
    Amplify your practice, reacquaint yourself to your body/mind/heart/breath, and challenge yourself to do something for 5 days in a row!