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    Yoga & Movement for the Female Pelvic Floor November 18, 2017 
    Lahara Yoga, Wolfville

    9am – 4pm


    This workshop is designed for any woman wishing to create a more loving relationship with their pelvis, through the use of breath, yoga, and movement.

    The foundation of human movement lies within the pelvis. The pelvic floor muscles work to maintain a delicate balance of strength and softness to respond to the demands of our daily lives. The surrounding muscles of the pelvis assist in stabilizing the pelvis so the pelvic floor muscles can work properly.

    Due to life events, alignment habits, and emotional experiences it is not uncommon for this equilibrium to be disrupted, which can result in pelvic floor dysfunction, including:

    • pelvic pain,
    • hysterectomy ·
    • leakage when laughing, sneezing and jumping
    • organ prolapse
    • lower back, hip, and groin pain
    • pain with sexual intercourse or menstruation
    • natural changes during pregnancy and the postpartum phase

    Yoga and movement can be a tool assist to restore the vitality of the pelvis. With awareness, we can use the breathe, subtle movements, and stretching to soften the area, while working with strengthening movements and poses to strengthen and stabilize the pelvic floor and surrounding muscles.