Taking Part in Our Yoga Events 

Yoga is something that helps us be more fit and healthy. Although there are people who actually prefer to do yoga alone, it is still undeniable that most people love to do it with other people. Here at Lahara Yoga and Wellness, we make it possible for those people. 

It is in our regular yoga classes that our regular guests can work on their yoga while being surrounded by other people who share the same passion and energy to do what they want to do. Aside from the fact that they can relax their minds and bodies, they are also able to make new friends whom they can consider their yoga buddies. 

Indeed, we have some yoga instructors to guide our guests through. Although yoga can really be relaxing and refreshing for the body, there’s no denying that some people may find it boring once done repetitively. With that, we made sure that we can spice up our yoga sessions for those who want to see and experience something new with the art of yoga. Here are some of the events which we host. 

Indoor events 

If you may have noticed, we have enough space here in our studio to host events that will allow our guests to stretch freely. Check out this shortlist of the usual events held here in our studio and see where you’re interested in!

Themed yoga classes 

Who ever said that dressing up is only best done during Halloween? Here with us, you will actually know that we host themed yoga classes whenever we feel like doing so. Open for anyone who wishes to join, our attendees can be wizards, fairies, or whatever they want to be. 

By having you dress up, we believe that you will be more engaged in our yoga classes since you have exerted extra effort for your yoga attire to look more appealing!

Music-inspired yoga sessions

Yes, we are not a dance studio. However, we can all agree that exercises are sometimes best done with music. In a similar manner, it also works well with yoga. Although the moves may be a little different and less strenuous, we can actually have you guided on how to sync your body with the changing beat of the music. 

While some may prefer to do yoga with the help of some classical music or some instrumental songs, some tend to actually want to move with the latest pop songs that can make them groove. Should you be attending one of these, then we highly suggest that you tell us your requests so that we can have them played during your yoga session. 


Here at Lahara, we have regular instructors who help our guests. Still, from time to time, we invite some yoga masters to teach our beloved guests about the deeper concepts and benefits of yoga. Offering a different lesson compared to what we usually offer, our guests can definitely enjoy new methods of relaxation. Our instructors are also present in these workshops so they can have it taught to our guests as well. 

If you are curious about what is being actually discussed in our workshops, then here are some of those which you can expect. 

  • Postural training
  • Fundamental aspects of yoga
  • Finding the centre of gravity
  • Regulation of energy 
  • Refining concentration
  • Building body strength, flexibility, and control 
  • Meditation 
  • Practical use of yoga 

Aside from the aforementioned, there are also lots of other yoga topics that are being covered in our yoga workshops. The great thing about them is that they are spearheaded by experts who will really be hands-on when it comes to teaching you the proper form and other important things. You will also be allowed to ask questions by the end of the workshop sessions. 

Outdoor events

You may have noticed that there are lots of massive yoga events that are being attended by countless people who share the same passion for yoga. It is in these types of events that yoga lovers gather in one place and do yoga in a synchronized manner. 

Although we may not be the organizers of these kinds of events, we do highly encourage our regular yoga attendees to take part in these events which our staff will also attend. With that, here are some of the outdoor yoga events which you may want to attend! 

Fuji Rock Festival

This festival is an annual rock festival which is considered as the largest outdoor music event in the country. Featuring over 200 Japanese and international musicians, this event is much-awaited in the country every last weekend of July. More often than not 

Despite being considered as a rock event, there are times when this annual event has partnered with Baseworks and Candle. It is with that partnership that attendees can have a yoga morning session in the venue where the festival is held. 

International Day of Yoga 

June 21 is considered as the International Day of Yoga, as declared by the United Nations in 2014. It is on this day that people are given further awareness about the benefits of yoga in our body. 

The resolution for this celebration came with a resolution that focuses on making healthier choices and lifestyle patterns. In fact, the UN also agrees that yoga is more than just a physical activity. With that, this event is being widely celebrated across the world, especially in New York. there, attendees are being treated with good food, groovy music, as well as impressive instructors. 

Niseko Yoga Fest

Fond of nature? Then this yoga event may be the best one for you. Known as an annual event where yoga and nature lovers, this event will have their attendees climb up the mountains and do yoga with a scenic view. 

Offering three different classes of hatha yoga basic, vinyasa yoga, and relax ying yoga, attendees of this event will definitely be in their calmest minds after breathing fresh air and doing some meditation on mountain tops. 


Aside from mainstream yoga events, we also invite our guests to be a part of some retreats which we host. It is in these retreats that we allow our guests to meditate on their well being while being able to breathe in a distant place. 

As we may also agree that yoga is very much relaxing for both the mind and the body, we also believe that being in a secluded place for meditation is much more effective. By doing yoga in a place like that, your mind will be more relaxed unlike when you are just attending a regular session in our studio. 

We hold our retreats in different places so that our regular attendees can have a different experience every time. So, should you wish to be a part of the retreats we hold, then make sure to know the details directly from us.

Online sessions 

Aside from the aforementioned, we also host online sessions for those who may be unable to physically attend the sessions and events which we had prepared to host. Gladly, it is with technology that some of our guests can still take part in our lessons even when they are just at the comfort of their own home. Still, they can apply the same lessons that are being taught and demonstrated by our instructors.

By attending our online yoga sessions, all that you would need to have is a stable internet connection, your gadget, your yoga mat, your yoga clothes, and your best self! 

Why you should attend events 

While it may be relaxing to do yoga alone, doing it with other people is also nice as it makes you have more friends. Aside from having them as someone you can talk to while doing yoga, you will also have someone to observe whether or not you are doing a certain form in the right way. 

Those are the practical parts of attending events. Aside from that, you will also have fun as you explore with your capability of helping yourself stay in the best shape that you could have ever dreamed of.

How to attend 

Wondering about how you can be a part of a certain event? Then feel free to inquire about these events to our staff. By visiting us at our place and attending your regular yoga sessions, you can simply ask us about the events which you want to attend. Then, we can provide you with all the details that you may want to know and the prices which may need to be paid. 

Just feel free to approach us and we’ll be happy to assist you every step of the way. So, what are you waiting for? Prepare your yoga mats and your best yoga outfits so that you can look your best when you go and meet other people when you start attending events!