Lahara Yoga: How to warm up with yoga

If you are someone who arrives early in their yoga class, then you’ve probably noticed other students running through some simple routines and stretches even before the yoga class starts. If you notice this, then it might do you some good to join them on their simple routine and enjoy a good stretch on your mat. 

Although yoga classes start with a warm-up, it’s still a good idea to stretch a little before doing the actual work. The little stretches that you do can help prepare you for the yoga session. Moreover, it will work your muscle out of its idle state. More importantly, doing a light stretch keeps you in the right mindset for yoga and keeps you at a relaxed pace. 

Yoga poses for warm-up 

Yoga stretches, even if it’s for a warm-up, shouldn’t be random otherwise you might do the opposite effect and strain your muscles. If you are a newbie wondering what poses to do on a warm-up, then here’s a list of routines you can perform:

  • Pelvic tilts 

You can begin a pelvic tilt by laying down on your mat and bending your knees. Once you’ve settled on a comfortable position with your knees, then you need to press your lower back gently against the floor and tilt your pelvis towards the direction of your head. 

  • Leg stretch 

Leg stretch is an easy enough pose that you can do while lying down. Lay completely straight on your mat after that, try to lift your legs as straight as possible towards the direction of the ceiling. Don’t try to lift both legs at once.

  • Eye of the needle pose 

Remain on your back by your mat and cross your left ankle over the opposite knee to create a hole. Once you’re done, position your hands through the eye of the needle and hold your thighs and try to lift it. Do this on the opposite leg as well. 

  • Easy pose

The easy pose requires you to sit with your back straight on the mat. Cross your legs and position your hands on top of your knees as if meditating. Once that is settled, gently move your head sideways and continue doing it slowly. 

  • Eagle arms 

Remain in the seating position while crossing your arms and bending them in a position parallel to the floor. Doing this position allows you to have a good stretch on your shoulder and back muscles.

  • Easy twist

Go back to the meditating pose and try to move your torso sideways without moving your lower half. Try to face left then right as your right hand meets the opposite knee. Once you’re done facing left and right. Try to reach as far as you can in front of you without moving your bottom from the sitting position. 

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