Yoga beginner tips from experts you should know about

Yoga beginner tips from experts you should know about 

Yoga is one of the most popular ways of achieving mindfulness and health goals among people today. In an era where time to be alone with yourself is becoming a luxury, yoga gives people an opportunity to reconnect with themselves and a higher being.

On social media, the number of influencers doing this ancient practice is growing by the day. With its seemingly complex manoeuvres and positions, yoga may seem a little daunting, but it’s actually very doable and can be achieved through several classes or even home videos. So if you’re interested in becoming a yogi, here are a few expert tips for beginners we can share with you. 

Strengthen your wrist power 

One of the things you should know about yoga is that it will teach you how to become lighter. In this case, you need to put strength in areas such as the balls of your feet and your wrist. Many first-time yoga movements you can encounter will require you to put all weight on your wrists, so you should learn how to strengthen them to achieve balance. According to Beth Shaw, a yoga expert, warming up your joints is one of the first things you should do before starting. 

‘Warm up the joint with a few wrist rolls (hands in fists, roll inward and outward, and flex them frontward and backwards) and practice a few key yoga moves between classes. Planks and down dog poses will improve wrist strength’, she said. 

Wear clothes designed for yoga 

Yoga requires a lot of movements where you will need to stretch your body to achieve. This is why it’s important to wear clothes specifically designed for it. Wearing attires with fabrics made of denim is not encouraged. According to Dempsey Marks, certified yoga trainer, it’s best to opt for loose clothes that will give you mobility. 

‘Because you’re on your back and tummy throughout different poses, leave the complicated sports bras in the drawer. You don’t want bra hooks, multiple straps and rough seams digging into your skin. And while you might think a baggy shirt is more flattering than a tight tank top. I don’t like the way loose clothing hangs and gets caught on my limbs during practice’, she said. 

Eat the right food 

Before starting with your yoga classes, it’s important to eat something light but will give you nourishment throughout the day. Foods such as berries, bananas and apples can give you the sustenance you need to last through several yoga classes. Don’t overstuff yourself with food because you might end up bloated. When this happens, you might throw up all the food you ate. 

Drink water and hydrate your body 

Yoga may not be as demeaning as other physical activities, but the movements you will do can make you sweat a lot. This is why it’s a requirement to bring a lot of water during practice, so you can replenish the electrolytes you lost during your training. 

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