Newest Trends in Yoga You Should Know

Newest Trends in Yoga You Should Know

Yoga is one of the most-loved physical and mental wellness activities. If you are going through an illness or simply want to relax your tensed muscles, doing yoga is the best way to go. It improves your strength, balance, and flexibility.

If you are feeling frequent muscle pain, basic yoga stretching can also help relieve the pain and can even improve mobility. It can also help you sleep better at night and wake up with more energy and a brighter mood the next day. 

As years pass by, a lot of new yoga routines are introduced in the community. To give you an overview, here are some of the latest yoga trends you should know: 


Broga or brother yoga is basically a yoga class specifically made for male participants. This kind of yoga is focused on muscle toning and cardiovascular exercise. It is also to encourage the male members of the society to do yoga as well. 

Aerial Yoga 

Although it has been around for a while, it is safe to say that it is still one of the latest trends in the yoga community. It is also the type of yoga where you need to trust yourself as you let the silk hold you in position. Aerial yoga improves your flexibility and strength without adding pressure to your joints. 

Chroma Yoga  

It is the type of yoga wherein it uses music, light, and colour for a more multi-sensory experience. Chroma yoga can also reduce anxiety and insomnia. It is the kind of yoga class usually done in the later hours of the night.

Virtual Yoga 

Due to the pandemic, people are required to stay at home. Most businesses are closed and even transportation services are halted. With this, most yoga classes are held online or are streamed on YouTube. What makes virtual yoga different from other classes is that you can choose the time and place with just a simple click.  

Slackline Yoga 

It is an advanced yoga class wherein you need to hang on a piece of silk and stay in your position. It improves your balance and concentration skills. Slackline also has challenging positions.  

Mental Fitness Yoga  

What makes this yoga different from others is that it focuses on mindfulness and resilience. It helps you to manage anxiety, depression, and improves your ability to stay calm. 

Yoga Capsules 

This is the kind of yoga which is only done within 5 to 10 minutes only. It is composed of small chunks of yoga routines which are best for those who have a hectic schedule. The best thing about this yoga is that it improves your productivity. For more yoga updates, tune in to Lahara Yoga and Wellness. If you want to join in some of our yoga classes. You can also give us a call or send us an email to reserve a slot. Wear your comfiest clothes and join our classes! 

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