Pricing & Membership

Classes, Pricing, and Membership for Aspiring Members

Welcome to Lahara Yoga and Wellness. We’d love to have you join our classes! But first, we must establish what you expect to get from our services and the price that comes with them. We offer classes every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Sunday classes are completely free and done outside the studio. 

If you wish to simply practise yoga with us, feel free to do it on Sunday. If you wish to take yoga and wellness seriously so you can live your life with a healthy mind and body, then please join our studio-hosted sessions. Our teachers will offer classes that you can continue to practice even at home. Here are some membership setups and their prices:

Full Membership 

You can set a monthly membership for C$95 which renews every month. This arrangement allows you to join Lahara Yoga and Wellness classes at any time for free! Simply walk in, lay down your mat, and follow the next steps. Members are also free to use the studio and its equipment for free at any time! Membership of this deal can be cancelled at any time. 

If you only plan on joining for 6 months then you can get our 6-month membership for only C$75 per month. There is also a 1-year membership with C$65 monthly payment. If you wish to pay for a full year of membership, then it will only cost C$700 full payment! Once paid, you are free to enjoy the benefits of a member!

Welcome Package

If you are a new student then we have a special deal for you! You can enjoy the full benefits of a member for only C$50! You are free to not renew your membership once it expires. However, you can no longer use the same bonus the next time you visit us. 

Pricing Per Class

There is an option that does not include being a full member. It is cheaper but you cannot enjoy the full benefits of a member. You will only have the freedom to borrow some equipment for yoga and your visit is limited by the number of classes you bought. 

Studio Classes

For the price of only C$17, you can join an ongoing class from start to finish. You may buy a bulk of 5 classes for only C$50 or 10 classes for C$95. If you are a student in college or high school, please present a valid ID. We can offer classes for only C$15! 

Virtual Classes

Lahara Yoga and Wellness can be attended through live virtual class streaming. You may pay through the streaming service’s payment methods so you can join our yoga classes from the comfort of your home. Per drop-in rates are cheaper by C$3 but both bulk classes are cheaper by C$10.